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Neither of these two items have ever shot, killed, nor called anyone a name. Yet, they must be removed
However, this sub-human piece of illegal felon trash has killed. The gun, nor the flag shot this innocent woman. He did! She died in her daddy's arms, never even knowing what hit her. 
This community organizer wants the gun and flag gone, but wants the illegal felon protected. When the wicked beareth rule, the people shall mourn. Looks like the Book is right again.
The 2016 Republican hopefuls. My take on them. Subject to change
1- Ron Paul.... Him and his daddy goes a little wacko on foreign policy 
2- Ted Cruz... An honest man, a fighter, but tries too hard to "appeal". Just drop the appeal to people crap and be what you are. Also, technically he his constitutionally illegal to be President, as his father was not a natural born citizen, and Cruz himself was a Canadian citizen. However, since the Community organizer got away with it, why not Ted. 
3- Rick Perry... Probably would make a good President. A little awkward, nerdy appearance, Not a real good speaker.
4- Rubio.... Ain't ready 
5- Graham.... Ain't gonna happen
6- Carly Fiorina..... Super Intelligent, Top rate Executive. Not intimidated and real.
7.. Donald Trump... He's got some baggage, but he's real, unintimidated, and I believe he means what he says. His arrogance might get us in a war, but I'd rather die fighting an enemy, than simply surrender to a community organizer. Trump and Fiorina would  make one powerful ticket. I'm subject to a quick turnaround on Trump.
8. Ben Carson..... As Godly of a man as I have ever seen. No pretense in him. When the camera goes on him, notice, he 's not smiling like a jack ass eatin briars. The first sign of pretense is right there, when the camera comes on you. A fake smile, is a fake smile, and anything faked, is to some degree deception. We'll have to hear more from Dr. Carson to know he's ready,
9...Huckabee... Probably would be a good president. However, to balance the scales of this nation at this point in history, we don't need anyone who feels that they need to convince the liberal that we "CARE" about them. They blame sure have not concerned themselves with showing us how much they "CARE" about us. Well, we have to show them we are better people than them... SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER DAY.
10-  Chris Christie..... There is a difference in being bold, and being rude. His little hand to hand walk with the community organizer a few years back done it for me.
11- Jeb Bush... I think he wants to find the middle ground with the other side. The problem is, the other side has taken us so far to the left, there is no middle ground.
12- Scott Walker... He has shown some signs of being able to walk on political water. 
13- John Kasich.... Has done wonders in Ohio, 
The couple that's left... ain't gonna happen.

Any of these people will be light years ahead of a Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton

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"Would God Deport You"?
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